favor ellis

threshold doula

transformative bodyworker,
intuitive counselor & coach,
chaplain, full-spectrum doula, writer

There are five holy places in the body:
the heart, the spirit, the secret,
the mysterious,
and the deeply hidden.

These are the ones with the power
of gentling the human.

-Linda Hogan

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I'm so glad you found your way here.

A touchstone is a sign, experience, or connection we can return to when we need to remember who we are.


The stone we carry in our pocket, warm and worn and it fits exactly right in our cupped palm. The tree we played under as a child, the one who kept all our secrets and held steady in all the storms. The person who loves us even when we're afraid or lost or making all of the mistakes.


We return to be reminded of the shape of our courage and the landscape of our dreams.
We return to find our way, we return to be heard and seen and held and known, at our deepest levels.
The touchstone is guide, is compassion, is secret-keeper,
is a thing that holds our burdens so we can take a good, deep breath and rest.

So we can let go and listen.
So we can allow ourselves to begin to heal.

I am an intuitive massage therapist and counselor, a wordwitch, a touchwitch, a wildhearted queer,
an intersectional, intentional, & inclusive feminist, a threshold doula,
a circle practitioner, a holder of heart-centered space, an explorer of liminal spaces.

I am here for you now, a touchstone as you navigate the thresholds, transitions, and unknowns of your life. Welcome.

Holding space. Listening.
She’s so fucking good at listening.
She knows how to create a space and maintain an atmosphere that feels like coming home to yourself.
It feels like even the walls and rugs care about you and your life.
It’s calming and raw
and soothing and important.
— Emma
Favor was able to support me by being completely present and buoying me through whatever emotional state I was experiencing. It is difficult to explain how powerful it is to look into someone’s eyes and know that you are seen and that that person believes in you, even in your most challenging moments of pain and exhaustion. Her care and wisdom helped me to be strong.
— Rachel

you belong here.