practicing radical inclusion,
body sovereignty & compassion,
deep listening, and trust.

In-home appointments are often available.

Please be in touch if this appeals to you.


I invite and welcome all bodies on a threshold.
Changing bodies, changed bodies, growing bodies, shrinking bodies, dreaming bodies, releasing bodies, birthing bodies, liminal bodies,
chatty bodies, quiet bodies.

Trans, gender-expansive, and nonbinary bodies
are particularly welcomed.
Pregnant men and enby folks are especially deeply welcomed.

Witches, queers, healers, guides:

I invite all who are seeking rest and restoration, reconnection, relief, and release.

Image by Stephanie Chinn @stephaniechinnart  Used with permission.

Image by Stephanie Chinn @stephaniechinnart
Used with permission.

I offer transformative and affirming care for the whole person in all stages of life. Our time together is focused on your needs. In collaboration with your informed consent, this work can:

  • help counteract the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual effects of living in a climate that often keeps our bodies locked in trauma response

  • ease symptoms and manifestations of stress and dis-ease

  • renegotiate limiting stories

  • nourish your whole self

  • create space for change and growth and healing

  • engage your complexitycuriosity, and courage

  • create opportunities to practice your tools of intuition and self-compassion

  • call back and welcome the parts of you that have gone wandering or hiding

  • support you as you define and nurture your own boundaries, and experience them being honored

You are the expert on your own body and experiences.

My practice prioritizes consent, body sovereignty, radical inclusion, and trust.
My perspective is grounded in the practices of social justice, intersectional feminism, and queer embodiment.
My lens is trauma-informed, healing-centered, and strengths-based.
I work with a potent and intuitive presence, engaging physical, energetic, and emotional bodies.
Through deep listening, clear and compassionate communication, and genuine curiosity,
I hold space for your vulnerability and transformation.


  • Nurturing Therapeutic Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Myofascial Release Therapy

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Healing Touch

  • Subtle Body Energetic Work

  • Prenatal Massage

  • Polarity Therapy

  • Reiki

  • Intuitive Counseling

  • Transformative Re-Storying

  • Holding Space and Wellness coaching


 I am currently a practicing student of:

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Shiatsu

  • Jin Shin Do

  • Reflexology

  • Polyvagal Therapies

Favor created the first space in which I felt truly safe.
— William

you belong here.

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