because I love lists,
and because we are many layered:

1. I was born on my mother's birthday. She really wanted a daughter, and I did her a favor by being the best birthday present ever. Thus, the name.

2. I have three fiddles in my closet and a child-sized accordion on a bookshelf. I yodel in my car. My secret dream is to be a fiddle-playing, yodeling accordionista trapeze artist. With pigtail braids and striped knee-highs.

Favor is pure magic, so...
— Graham

3. They thought I was a genius when I was in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. I gave perfect tests, every time. They started doubting me when the tests would ask me to project into the future based on the information they gave me. I put the girl under the tree, when they told me she should be in the house. That sort of thing.

4. For many years, I have been building a collection of animal bones. Deer, cows, birds. fossils. Also, whenever anyone tells me they are going someplace I have never been, I ask them to bring me back a rock. "What kind of rock?" they always ask. "You'll know it when you see it," I tell them.

5. I spend a great deal of time staring into space. Into a middle space. If I find myself without time for this staring every day, I go a little lost. We could call it meditating. Or journeying. Or shifting. Whatever its name, it's important. It’s my lifeblood.

6. I'm an INFJ.

7. I want to write much, much more than I do. I'm good at it.
And sometimes I avoid it.

8. Same: I think I might be an artist, but I've never really tried.

9. There are three people I have met and thought: this person will be important. So I pursued them relentlessly. Without these three, I would not know who I am. So I was right.

10. I am an animal communicator. Some of you tease me for holding this belief about myself. You don't even know.

11. I am almost always hungry.

12. I know three excellent magic tricks. I keep these magic tricks handy because I am unbearably awkward in groups. I also know a few very good jokes about small animals (slugs, millipedes, chickens, hedgehogs) and one about a hippo.

13. I am, every moment, seeking connection. It's the most important thing I can think of. Shared connection, visibility, love, truth.


14. We don't know why my hair started turning gray when I was twelve. Sometimes I tell people there was a lightning strike, but this is not technically the truth. We could embrace the metaphor, though, and be on a kind of solid ground.

15. I never had a father. Never met him. But when I was small, I thought for sure John Lennon was my dad, and he would claim me when he finally learned about me. He died the day before my 7th birthday. Since my mom & I share our birthday (see #1), my party was cancelled, and we cried all day, listening to the Beatles. Later I started thinking maybe my father was Paul Simon, or Willie Nelson, but I never hoped either would actually find me. I have been content to sing their songs, top of my lungs, on road trips.

16. I believe in so many things I can't explain. 

17. When I was small, my mother told me that if she ever disappeared, I was not to worry: the aliens came and she went with them. I still find myself wounded and small when this memory is triggered. But I see myself doing the same thing to the people who love me when I talk about the airstream in the desert. Disappearing, without a trace. That's not fair, and I'm sorry about it.

18. Sagittarius sun, Aquarius Rising. Moon in Gemini. Sagittarius North Node.

19. My deepest and most tangled life goal: to live with wildhearted expansiveness. 

20. There were some days I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to be pregnant and in love (with the person, the child, the future, the world). I think I am an excellent mother, even without a child. We pick wildflowers and talk about what might be happening underground and in the sea. We make up songs, tell stories, and make the world beautiful. 

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We can choose to be who we need.

More of how I see the world, here

You are your best thing.
— Toni Morrison