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soul cards

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Sometimes we need a bit of guidance, some perspective, a connection to something beyond ourselves.

I've been working with Soul Cards for twenty years. SoulCards are evocative images meant to bring the wisdom of the soul into awareness. There is no definitive meaning attached to each card, and no book to refer to for the answer to your inquiry. I sometimes use Soul Cards during Sanctuary, and as prompts and guides during Writing Circle. I use them when I need to see something I haven't been seeing. They are an especially helpful tool when we are stuck, or lost, or working with shadow and the unknown. Sometimes they help us find new ways to tell our stories. Sometimes they answer a question. Sometimes they ASK a question. Sometimes they guide us through change, and sometimes they tell us we are doing all the things in exactly the ways we need to be doing them.

Working with Favor is:
Embodiment, Poetry, Emotions, Unseen Realm,
the Living Earth, Connection, Vulnerability, Equity, Receptivity, Tenacity, Wildness.
— Beth