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new circles are forming soon!

Online (via zoom) and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sliding scale: $100-$150 for 4 weeks

Please be aware that all Circle participants must read and agree to follow our Writing Circle Agreements.

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writing circle agreements

To maintain a safe, confidential space in which to write, we follow certain practices in responding to new writing:

  • We honor the writer by listening carefully
  • We experience and treat everything as fiction
  • We refer to the narrator / speaker, not to the author, as the voice of the piece
  • We maintain confidentiality, and do not speak of others’ writings outside the group unless the writer of a piece begins the conversation
  • We remember, while healing often occurs, this is not a therapy group
  • We are invited to read our work
  • We respond only with what we like, what stays with us, what moves us – and not with how to make it stronger (new writing which has not been edited is like a baby: it’s vulnerable and easily damaged by negative judgments)
  • We do not need to respond to every piece
  • We stick to the writing, avoiding our own anecdotes and asides
  • As writers, we listen to the responses to our work and do not comment – we don’t want to influence how people respond to our work
In order to change what is, we need to give speech to what has been, to imagine what might be.
-Adrienne Rich